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Sandwich & XL Sandwich Zip-Lock Bags / 100 Bags

Sandwich & XL Sandwich Zip-Lock Bags / 100 Bags

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Product Description 

This pack includes XL and regular sandwich bags, perfect for packing lunches for family and friends with sandwiches, snacks, fruits, and more.

2 in 1 

Product box is shown with 2 different sizes bags inside.

No more having multiple boxes all over the kitchen, with our new box design, you will have both sizes in 1 box. This compact design fits perfectly inside your kitchen drawer for easier access. 

Multi-Use Bag

 Our bags being displayed with multiple types of items inside showing advantages of having 2 sizes

With this 2-size pack, you can find a size for both small and medium-sized items. Whether is cereal, popcorn, a sandwich, or pretzels, these bags will fit them all. 

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