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16 Oz Drink Pouches with Straw Hole / 100 Count

16 Oz Drink Pouches with Straw Hole / 100 Count

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Product Description

Are you planning a party? We can make things easier for you by introducing our drink pouches that can hold up to 16 oz of your favorite beverages like cocktails, juices, smoothies, and more. These pouches are easy to display to add to the ambiance of your event. Let us help you remove one hassle at a time with our convenient and stylish drink pouches.

Add Color & Flavor

Straw pouches shown to have drinks inside with slices of fruit and citrus to add color and flavor

Add slices of fruit to your drinks for added color and flavor with the help of the large opening.

Leak Proof

Liquid is being shown to not leak when pouch is sealed correctly
When sealed correctly, each pouch is leakproof, providing worry-free transportation.
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