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Zip-Lock Portion Snack Bag For Macros / 100 Count

Zip-Lock Portion Snack Bag For Macros / 100 Count

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Product Description

Introducing our new portion zip-lock bags! These bags are perfect for keeping track of snack portions. With our measurements printed on each bag, you can easily get the right amount of nuts, berries, snacks, and other small treats. Each bag can hold up to one cup and can be portioned out into quarter cups.

Writeable Rectangle

Writeable rectangle on all bags for easy write on facts like content name, date, and more

All bags include a writable rectangle for important information such as dates, content name, or nutritional information.

New Box Design

Introducing our new box design where the top stays on top and closes easy

Our new product comes with an improved box design that ensures easy pull-out bags and better protection for your food bags. 

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