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Slider Travel Size Variety Pack S,M,L / 30 Count Total

Slider Travel Size Variety Pack S,M,L / 30 Count Total

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Product Description

Introducing our smallest variety pack, perfect for travel and on-the-go use. This pack contains 10 bags of each essential size, making it easy to carry opened snacks, makeup, toiletries, and more. Whether you're on a road trip or a quick weekend getaway, this compact box has got you covered.

Leak Proof

Slider travel size bag  is being shown with liquid inside and set upside down to show its leak proof

All slider bags in this travel-sized variety box are guaranteed to have a secure closure and keep all types of items inside without opening.

Compact Size

Slider variety travel size box is shown here showing how the box is compact and can fit 3 sizes in 1

The box is a small box that keeps your bags secure and compact so it can fit in your backpack, purse luggage, and other storage spots where space matters. 

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