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Slider Stand Up Food Storage Bags, Snack XS / 80 Count

Slider Stand Up Food Storage Bags, Snack XS / 80 Count

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Product Description

Our new snack bags are the smallest in our food storage bag collection, making them perfect for small amounts of nuts, fruits, chips, cereal, or even school supplies like crayons and markers.

Small But Durable 

Slider snack bag is being stretched to show its durability

Our snack bags maintain the same quality as our larger bags, ensuring leak-proof and puncture-resistant storage despite their smaller size.

Endless Possibilities 

Snack bags being shown storing different sized cookies and crackers to show its size capabilities

When using our snack bags, don't limit yourself to just storing snacks. Despite the name, these bags can hold medium-sized items as well, allowing you to store a variety of items such as cookies, crackers, candies, and chips in great amounts. So, feel free to use our snack bags to store more than just small portions of snacks.

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